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Get the investment and advisory you need to realize your dreams. We offer a state of the art startup incubation program for creators.
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Cult Collective

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You must have an MVP, articles of incorporation, and a pitch deck ready when submitting to our process.

Wait for our response

Our collective funds 12 startups per year with $100k. We accept 6 new companies every 6 months. If we like your idea, we will contact you shortly after your submission.

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Get invited to a Zoom interview

If you're chosen for the CCG pitch, you'll be sent an invitation for our pre-screening process. Once accepted, you'll be given a phone call and email with additional information.

Pitch your idea in under 1 hour

You will pitch your business idea in a zoom meeting with over 50 of the top Celebrity investors and VC firms in the world.

Move into our LA Mansion

Get invited to live with us in LA

Startup founders who are accepted will go through an extensive vetting process with background checks before getting invited.

Grow with your new resources

Once here in LA, you will be given full access to the CCG Mansion and all its amenities including a private chef, spa treatments, and your very own executive suite.

Your company will have access to $100k in capital, Celebrity partnerships and access to the most elite VC firms in the industry.

Think you have what it takes?