Our mission, our story, and why we do what we do.

Built by Creators for Creators

Cult Collective Group was formed to help creators. innovators and influencers turn their vision into hit products.

What We Do

We work with teams at all stages to create better products, grow smarter leaders and build world-class teams. We help early-stage teams transform their ideas into the best Minimal Viable Product, develop sound Business Plans and create exceptional Pitch Decks that attract investors.

The CCG Incubator

Every six months, we invest $100K into 6 different teams in exchange for a small percentage of equity. Our team of experts and advisors mentor every team in preparation for Pitch Day. At the end of 6 months, teams pitch their products and plans to a premier collection of VCs and private investors. CCG does NOT participate in these funding rounds, we are here to support the teams and help them move to their next phase as a company. The relationships we build with our teams continue long after they leave the incubator. We’re lifelong partners committed to each team’s success.

How to Join Us

Start-ups and Early-Stage Companies: Simply submit your company information on our apply page and we’ll contact you to talk next steps. Every six months on Announcement Day, we’ll share the 6 teams joining the Cult Collective Group.

Late-Stage and Companies with Live Products: CCG works a select group of Late-Stage and Live companies to create world class Launch and Branding strategies. We leverage our partnerships with top Celebrities and Influencers to help you turn products into durable brands.  Tell us how we can help.

Think you have what it takes?